Meditation 101

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, meditation is by far the number one change I’ve made in my life that has had the biggest impact on my life. Meditation is a game changer. It puts you in a whole different state of being and thinking.

I admit, I was a skeptic in the beginning but as I did more and more research and started actually practicing meditation I became a true believer. Within a few days of meditation I began to notice a difference. I felt lighter and happier and I didn’t get upset or anxious as quickly as I used to. Although, I am practicing meditation regularly, I am still always questioning whether I’m doing it correctly or whether I could do things differently. That’s how I ran across this three part video series. It explains how to meditate in a step by step method. It even tells you what to do if you get an itch, experience pain, or anything else while meditating that may distract you.

The one big question I’ve always had that was answered in the video series is, what do I think about while I’m meditating or do I think about anything. The videos do a great job of answering these types of questions. The videos are done very well. The amount of information per video is exactly right. They provide enough detail without getting too long. I highly recommend watching. I believe all of your questions will be answered.


Video 1 of 3
Video 2 of 3
Video 3 of 3

Living Life Pain Free

Life Designs 783

As we all know or at least have heard before, everything we see and touch is made of energy and everything vibrates, and I do mean everything. This includes the earth itself. Its frequency is 7.83 Hz.  As beings on this earth, we should vibrate at the same frequency to maintain optimal health, mentally/emotionally and physically. When we are out of sync with this frequency, we start to experience physical pain and various ailments. We also struggle with emotional anxiety and stress.

The primary focus of this blog is to educate people on how to get back to this frequency and maintain it, even in those tough times. As you have probably read many times on the blog, I’m a strong believer in meditation to stay at peak performance and frequency. Another tool I strongly believe in is jewelry imprinted with 7.83Hz and that’s where Life Designs comes in.
Not only is their jewelry beautiful and fashionable, it also helps you to live your best life by helping you to maintain your optimal frequency and live pain free.

Skeptical? Let them send you 3 Freedom Patches for FREE. They’ll even pay for shipping.

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Leatherette Journal

Very nice journal for basic journaling. It’s very well made with stitching around the edges to add to the look of quality. It comes in multiple colors and sizes. I picked mine up from my local grocery store, but you can find them on Amazon also.

C.R. Gibson Leatherette Journal, By Markings
  • Soft leatherette cover with elastic band closure to keep journal closed
  • 240 ivory-colored, ruled pages (120 front and back pages) with 32 lines per page – .25” Spacing
  • Accordion style storage pocket on inside back cover
  • Journal measures 5.13” x 8.23”

Journaling Pens

These are excellent pens and that’s why I’m recommending them. I use them myself and couldn’t be happier. The colors are vibrant as described below and they don’t bleed through the pages and dry fast. I change colors each day just so each page is different, but you could do a color per thought or alternate on a goals list. I give these a five star rating.

Excellent pens for journaling.
  • VIBRANT COLORS Smart Fineliner Color Pens Set 18 Unique Colors, 0.38 mm Fine Point Colored Pens, Assorted Color Fine Tip Marker Pens, Dry Safe, Minimal Bleed Thru / Acid-free Ink. Perfect as Journal Pens, Planner Pens, Journaling Pens, Teacher Pens, School Supplies, Office Supplies, Planner Accessories. Premium gift set for the family, friends, co-workers, Birthday, Christmas.
  • SMOOTH WRITING Colorful Fine tip marker pen set with superfine, metal-clad fine tipped and outstanding performance in all areas of writing, drawing, coloring, easy and comfortable to write. You will also find them great for home, office, work, business, colleague, church, club, and organazition activities.
  • GREAT marker pens for drawing lines & details, journal, planner, calendar, agenda, notebook, note taking, painting, writing, coloring, sketch, marker, signing, manga, animation, graphic, design, illustration, included artists fine-ink drawings and coloring small intricate patterns. Perfect Colored Pens for Panda Planner Passion AT-A-GLANCE Blue Sky 2019 2020 Weekly Monthly Planner Daily Agenda Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes. Work well with iBayam Premium Notebook Journal with 120Gsm Thick Paper.
  • HIGH QUALITY colored art writing drawing porous point pens. Water-based ink, dry safe, minimal bleed thru (except very thin paper), acid-free / non-toxic Ink, these fiber-tipped pens create fine lines and intense water-based colors. Packaged in a soft transparent vinyl bag.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE — Smart Nice Fineliner Color Pen Set of 18 Assorted Colors, you will love it! Buy one to try now! If any are damaged or if they’re not up to your satisfaction please contact seller freely we will offer a Free Replacement or Full Refund! Risk Free!

Impact Journal

  • ✔ HARDCOVER: 2 MONTH DAY PLANNER … The high quality faux-leather hardcover houses a hyper-targeted 2 months of planning (2 months, 10 weeks, 7 days a week). Size: B5, 7” x 10”
  • ✔ TOOLS FOR A GROWTH MINDSET … First month includes a Habit tracker to hold you accountable & the 25 point Impact Theory Belief System designed to help you develop a mindset primed for success
  • ✔ ESSENTIAL PROMPTS: DAY, WEEK, MONTH … Work smarter by reverse engineering the next 2 months into weekly & daily actions. Only the essential prompts for achievement & mindset growth
  • ✔ ANTI-BLEED THICK PAPER … Stops ink from seeping through the pages & provides a satisfying feel for every pen stroke. Enjoy the mind-expanding process of putting pen to paper
Impact Theory Journal