Living Life Pain Free

Life Designs 783

As we all know or at least have heard before, everything we see and touch is made of energy and everything vibrates, and I do mean everything. This includes the earth itself. Its frequency is 7.83 Hz.  As beings on this earth, we should vibrate at the same frequency to maintain optimal health, mentally/emotionally and physically. When we are out of sync with this frequency, we start to experience physical pain and various ailments. We also struggle with emotional anxiety and stress.

The primary focus of this blog is to educate people on how to get back to this frequency and maintain it, even in those tough times. As you have probably read many times on the blog, I’m a strong believer in meditation to stay at peak performance and frequency. Another tool I strongly believe in is jewelry imprinted with 7.83Hz and that’s where Life Designs comes in.
Not only is their jewelry beautiful and fashionable, it also helps you to live your best life by helping you to maintain your optimal frequency and live pain free.

Skeptical? Let them send you 3 Freedom Patches for FREE. They’ll even pay for shipping.

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