Meditation Fights Colds and Flu, According to Science

Meditation Fights Colds and Flu, According to Science
Lower stress to live a healthier life

Of all the things I tell people who are trying to live a better life and become more fulfilled, meditation is always the first thing I suggest. For me, meditation has been a game changer. Forget all the research and articles that have been written on meditation. For me the proof is in the changes that I have personally experienced. What’s odd is that it was from day one. I was astonished how quickly things changed after the first day of meditation. Then it just got better from there.

I’m not saying meditation is all you need, but it does make researching and learning other wellness practices much easier and more effective because you are in a mindset that allows what you’re learning easier to accept and see faster results.

Note: As you read the article, please remember they never say don’t get a flu shot.

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Courtesy of myfitnesspal Blog, by Jodi Helmer

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