Morning Routine – The Secret to a Productive Day

The heading is a true fact! The way you start your day dictates the rest of your day. When you wake in the morning, the first thing you should do is pause for a moment and reflect on all the things you have to be grateful for. Having a hard time thinking of something to be grateful for, then just be grateful you’re alive because you get the opportunity to do things different today. YOU get the chance to do something to be grateful for tomorrow.

So many people start their day off in a reactive, anxious mode, and it causes the entire rest of the day to be less productive, less efficient, and less impactful than it should be. That’s why today we’re going to talk about having a kick-ass morning routine.

Of course, the real deal is this: your morning routine actually starts the night before. In particular, it starts when you decide to make sure to get enough sleep. Everyone has a slightly different need for sleep, but the basic rule is this:

Go to bed early enough that you don’t need to set an alarm clock.

Mastering this basic principle, if you haven’t already, will transform your life. When you can wake up exactly when your mind and body are ready, it means that you are already optimizing your cognitive abilities and making it much more likely that your day will be productive instead of reactive.

Also, the night before is when you should make your list of priorities for the next day. Don’t wait until the morning to make that list. It should be there waiting for you when you wake up. And forcing yourself to make that list the night before will help you sleep better, because your mind won’t be still trying to remember all the things it has to do the next day.

Better sleep will absolutely lead to a better morning.

Do you go to the gym first thing in the morning? In that case, lay out your gym clothes right next to your bed. Is yoga the first thing you do? Then lay out your mat where it is so accessible that you’d have to make an intentional choice to avoid it. Is the first item on your list of priorities what you are going to start with? In that case, lay out whatever tools you need so that they are right there waiting for you when you wake up.

See, the whole key to having a kick-ass morning is how you set it up the night before. It doesn’t matter as much which order you do things like meditate or exercise. What matters is that you have a clear routine and that you set yourself up for success the night before.

So when you wake up, get up within ten minutes. Never start your day in reactive mode. In other words, no starting the day by checking email or social media. Start with a cold shower, or physical exercise or some form of meditation or yoga.

Then, attack your list of priorities.

When you focus on getting your morning routine set up the night before, it makes it easy to start the day off right. When you can exercise, meditate, think well, work well and create well, you have won for the day. Win enough days, and it adds up to a truly impactful life.

Be Legendary,

The Impact Theory Team

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