No One Can Want it More Than YOU

I know the title of the video says one thing, but this is about owning it. It’s about owning who YOU want to be and doing something about it. One of the best examples I can think of, this one particular day I was complaining about being overweight like I had been for some time. It was almost a daily mantra for me. We were leaving out of Starbucks by the office and it was a group of us and I said it again, “Man, I have got to lose some weight.” That’s when my friend said, “You say that s$#t everyday, why don’t you stop b!7@hing about it and do something.” That’s when everything changed. I changed my eating habits, I started working out – hard, and I started working on my mindset.

No one can want it more than YOU. YOU have to be the change maker, no one else. You have to take ownership of who and what you want to be. Until then, NOTHING will change. You will continue to be the same person you’ve always been. You have to get angry. It’s not until you get angry that anything is going to change. Angry at yourself. So much so that you will yourself into change. I don’t know who said it, but one of my favorite quotes goes something like this, “Life is very simple, but it isn’t easy.” Life is simple. You know what to do. It’s getting yourself to do it that’s the sucky part.

This has to be one of my favorites. I think I’ve watched it about three or four times. I love the way Rachel presents. It feels like a friend is talking to me, not someone yelling at me making me feel worse. She also makes it sound doable, like hey, I can do this. She also provides really good examples and how to’s on how to get organized and get this stuff done. I think you’ll like it too. She also has a couple books out that you may enjoy as well. I’ll put those under the Reading List Category.

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