Pushing Through Fear and Discomfort Using Leverage Questions

I just watched this video again to pull some nugget highlights out and it reminded me how much I love Trent Shelton and this interview. This interview is packed full of great information. The preview of the interview sums it up so well. Trent shares his feelings towards fear and how you must face your fears because on the other side is strength and growth. That is my new mantra. When I know I should do something at work but I keep procrastinating, I ask myself why and if it’s because I’m scared, I get up right then and I go do it. That’s the only way I’ll get past it. After a while it will become comfortable and I’ll just do those things.

Here is how Trent explains it in the interview. Fear is creating a known result before you experience something and if that’s the case then I need to create something better on the other side of that experience. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then it is still a thought, not a memory, so you can CHOOSE what you want the result to be. Trent also uses leverage questions to get himself and others to do things. He uses the leverage questions to help him confront fears by putting into question his negative thoughts. Helping him to realize they are just thoughts and realizing positive thoughts producing positive results are just as true, if not truer, then negative thoughts producing negative results.

This final thought should be put on a T-shirt. I’m paraphrasing a bit and putting it in my own words, but this is what I understand. Your life story will not be one chapter long. It’s going to be multiple chapters so you can’t let a few failures…learning moments define who you are. In another interview I will share with you later, Jason Mayden says it like this, there is no failure only learning opportunities.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Trent is very wise beyond his years and is full of great insight. He also has a book out that I would suggest reading.

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