The Cup of Coffee that Changed His Life

A very awesome friend of mine shared this video with me and it really resonated with me. It resonated with me because I like to think this is how I choose to live my life. I live my life working hard at showing up at my best. Not necessarily at doing stuff, but at choosing to be happy and helpful. As Ryan says in the video, he was heavy in the heart and Lilly had no way of knowing it, but because she showed up, she made him feel better. To think, all she did was show him kindness. The sad part is, he was taken aback by her kindness at first. Why is that we are shocked when people are kind to us? There was a time when we were shocked when people were rude?

Smiles are like sneezes and yawns, once one person starts, we all just jump right in line and start doing the same. The real cool thing is, when you do catch the bug and you smile back, you feel like the weight on your shoulders just got a little lighter. What’s even crazier, when you start the chain and you make it a point to make someone else happier, the weight gets even lighter.

I’ll leave you with this to think about. I wear these silicone wrist bands with motivational messages on them and one of them says, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Pretty awesome, right?! How are you showing up?

Thanks MC for caring enough for us, to send us this video. You’re the best!!

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